From powder to structured materials.TM


NanoMonolith is a technology able to structure different powders into porous bodies. These robust porous bodies can be used for gas separation applications and for production of alternative fuels and chemicals




NanoMonolith is developed by Dr. Petr Vasiliev, Professor Lennart Bergstrom and Doc. Niklas Hedin at the Materials Chemistry group, Stockholm University, Sweden.











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February 2010, NeoZeo AB»

NeoZeo AB company is registered at bolagsverket.


January 2010, KAMI research grant»

Petr Vasiliev has received KAMI research grant for entrepreneurs


December 2009»

NanoMonolith was chosen to represent SSES in Venture Challenge on 18-20 March 2010, in San Diego, USA.


August 2009, Vinn Verifiering»

NanoMonolith has received Vinn Verifiering grant of 2 MSek from Vinnova.


June 2009»
Prof. Lennart Bergstrom has been elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


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From powder to structured materials