Project team


Lennart Bergstrom


Project role: direct the research and development of the NanoMonolith project.


Lennart Bergstrom is a professor in Materials Chemistry at Stockholm University. He has extensive experience in industrially driven research, contract research and leading collaborative projects.


Petr Vasiliev


Project role: business development of the NanoMonolith project.


Petr Vasiliev has PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, Stockholm University. Since two years he is working on the NanoMonolith project. He accomplished the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) and got business training at international meetings.


Niklas Hedin


Project role: bring general knowledge about gas separation and catalysis and use his specific experience from the oil industry.


Niklas Hedin is an assistant professor in Materials Chemistry at Stockholm University. He conducted post doctoral research in world leading academic and industrial settings in USA for five years before returning to Sweden.
As a post doctoral member of technical staff in the ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research Laboratory he accumulated relevant knowledge of zeolites and similar materials.




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February 2010, NeoZeo AB»

NeoZeo AB company is registered at bolagsverket.


January 2010, KAMI research grant»

Petr Vasiliev has received KAMI research grant for enterpreneurs


December 2009»

NanoMonolith was chosen to represent SSES in Venture Challenge on 18-20 March 2010, in San Diego, USA.


August 2009, Vinn Verifiering»

NanoMonolith has received Vinn Verifiering grant of 2 MSek from Vinnova.


June 2009»
Prof. Lennart Bergstrom has been elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Nov 2008»
Innovation prize from Stockholm city


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